This age level class is designed to be a transitionary year preparing children for independent future musical pursuits such as instrumental learning, vocal, dance or musical theatre lessons. Within the secure environment of familiar style activities foundation concepts are extended such as reproducing musical patterns and rhythms, creative storytelling, mime and musical expression, pitch matching and solo singing and playing orff instruments (glockenspiels and xylophones) in independent and ensemble applications.

In addition, children are introduced to musical notation and basic principles of composition. Using playful symbols to represent music beats children learn to read and reproduce musical rhythms and melodies independently and in small ensembles.

“Jason has just begun private piano lessons after finishing “Wee Make Music Rhythm Makers program last year. His piano teacher made special comment on how well prepared he was when he started and how quickly he is making progress. He really enjoys practicing and no doubt because he has made a smooth transition. We feel so pleased he did the Wee Make Music program previously. It provided him a great foundation for piano” Suzanne (Bulimba)

To claim your free term of classes, enrol in one class package, and email [email protected] with the second class you would like to enrol in (must be in the same term). Or if you would like to gift it to a friend, email with the friend's name, email address, Child's Name and Child's Age, and the class level they would like to book. They will receive notification from Miss Lou when they are enrolled. Offer valid until April 30th, 2020