This age level class is aimed at children at the age of attending a pre-prep program. It is especially recommended and productive for those home schooling to extend learning opportunities in this age bracket. The curriculum builds upon the Music Makers program but can be adopted without prior learning.

Class includes regular use of glockenspiels and xylophones practicing the cognitive and physical skills this offers: pitch, tone, two handed fine motor, coordination, expression, improvisation, beat and rhythm.

Other activities: Coordination or multiple instruments (pitched and unpitched) and voice, beat and rhythm practice, stationary and travelling movement, pitch matching practice and vocal practice, creative interpretation/storytelling, concentration and memory games, puppetry. Poetry and multifaceted movement stories are added in this age level.

Children practice playing in ensembles each playing separate parts of the whole piece. This significantly enhances their musicality, cognitive processing, coordination and social skills.

While independent participation and organisation of instruments is encouraged, parent support is still beneficial for positive reinforcement. Furthermore, the shared creative and joyful experience can’t be undervalued in building positive family relationships and enhanced general well-being.

“ Wow, the class is brilliant!” Ana (Bulimba)

“Max was such a shy boy before music classes and now he is confident to speak to others and share in games. I can see that because he loved the music making he grew in himself. I feel like he is ready for school now. So grateful!” Alisa (New Farm)

“My husband and I are constantly impressed with what can be achieved with 4 year old children and how the Wee Make Music program extends Maria’s abilities. Just when we think she has done something amazing – like coordinating 4 different instruments in one song they take it next level and she is playing in a small ensemble. And she is loving it singing and playing at home. I am so glad we found this program because she is learning to play independently and not just observing others.” Simone (Bulimba)

To claim your free term of classes, enrol in one class package, and email [email protected] with the second class you would like to enrol in (must be in the same term). Or if you would like to gift it to a friend, email with the friend's name, email address, Child's Name and Child's Age, and the class level they would like to book. They will receive notification from Miss Lou when they are enrolled. Offer valid until April 30th, 2020