The curriculum in this class age level focuses on musical activities that include increased physical activity, fine motor development, absorption and repetition of beat and language/vocal development. New material is cycled into lessons while repetition of favourite and foundation pieces is essential to child learning and a spontaneous response from the children. Social and personal confidence is enhanced through variety and repetition and modelling and encouragement from supporting parents/carers.

Activities: stationary and travelling movement with instruments, beat practice, singing, mime/improvisation, chair games, puppetry, tickle rhymes and props.

The teacher will give parent information throughout the class to help adults connect and engage their children most effectively and together connect to enhance the joyous time shared in music making. Bonding with the child is a celebrated outcome.

When young children emerge from deep engagement we witness the emergence of the whole person. It is as if the toddler is refreshed, joyous and satisfied having accomplished something within. This fields the creative energy to explore further: beneficial learning flows.

“Within a few lessons my child was tapping her hands every time we sung hello, even in the car and at home. I love that the classes reach her specific age level and she feels so happy when she is participating. It is also very helpful that the teacher gives clear instruction so the parents understand the why and how.” Edwina (Bulimba)

To claim your free term of classes, enrol in one class package, and email [email protected] with the second class you would like to enrol in (must be in the same term). Or if you would like to gift it to a friend, email with the friend's name, email address, Child's Name and Child's Age, and the class level they would like to book. They will receive notification from Miss Lou when they are enrolled. Offer valid until April 30th, 2020