The curriculum in this class age level recognises that in this bracket children have some foundation level skills to build upon. They are ready for increased fine motor and cognitive challenge but inconsistent in emotional responses. Opportunities for expression and creative play are increased. Also increased emphasis on focusing and listening. Two unpitched instruments are used in a piece rather than one (FMT1) as an example of how the activity becomes more challenging cognitively, physically and emotionally. Increased independent participation is encouraged in vocal responses and generally across all activities.

Activities: stationary and travelling movement with dual instrument use, beat practice, singing in group and individually, mime/improvisation, chair games, puppetry, tickle rhymes and props.

“The Wee Make Music program seems to know exactly when to step up the challenge for my kids. My third child is now in FMT2 and we are still hooked. My older two boys remained engaged though all the levels and now my third asks for music every day of the week until it is class day. Great variety in each session, all heaps of fun but also educational and I feel so satisfied as a parent to know he is receiving a comprehensive dose of music making with his friends and I can see how this helps him in so many ways outside of music class also.” Mary Anne (Bulimba)

“I was concerned about starting because my children had never done a music class before but within a few weeks I was reassured by the way my twins were so engaged by the teacher and activities. They never get bored or wander off which amazes me. We are all singing every day at home too which makes me smile.” Tania (New Farm)

To claim your free term of classes, enrol in one class package, and email [email protected] with the second class you would like to enrol in (must be in the same term). Or if you would like to gift it to a friend, email with the friend's name, email address, Child's Name and Child's Age, and the class level they would like to book. They will receive notification from Miss Lou when they are enrolled. Offer valid until April 30th, 2020