This is the age level class for children in the year prior to pre-prep. This level presents music and movement activities to build sensory-motor foundation for learning while respecting the child’s growing independence and developing competencies. It is a time to consolidate what has been learned and build upon it with an awareness of preparing the child for structured learning environments in pre-prep and prep years. Children learn the elements of music through reproduction of beat, creativity, exploration and movement. Structure and routine within activities is encouraged.

Class includes introducing the child to their first pitched instrument, glockenspiel and time is spent in every lesson practicing the cognitive and physical skills this offers: pitch, tone, two handed fine motor, coordination, expression, improvisation, beat and rhythm.

Other activities: Coordination or multiple instruments (pitched and unpitched) and voice, beat and rhythm practice, stationary and travelling movement, pitch matching practice and vocal practice, creative interpretation/storytelling, concentration and memory games, puppetry.

While simple, respectful and positive instructions are given to the children they are multi stepped to develop listening and concentration. Parents are encouraged to support their children to enjoy the connectedness and immense joy but also to enhance their child’s learning. Great memories are created. Significant improvements in sense of self and general wellbeing can be gained from regular music making.

“This is by far my son’s favourite activity of the week. He just thrives on his Wee Make Music class with fun and exciting activities and talks about it (and sings) all week until next class.” Robin (Wilston)

“One of the most noticeable features of each class is that it has been planned ahead and targeted at my child’s age group. The classes themselves are small and each child feels important and noticed. I love that my children don’t get overlooked when they speak; they get heard and responded to in a positive way. Another benefit to me as a parent is that our teacher – Miss Michelle – been the same teacher throughout. My children know each week that Miss Michelle will be there and this provides them with stability in a sometimes “unstable world”. Personally, I love the interaction with my children at these classes; we are bonding and learning together through music. We take home what we learn and we play and sing. I know it will provide my children with happy memories. I couldn’t have chosen a better environment for my children. I can see they are growing into confident little people and are able to express themselves using music as their platform. What more could I hope for?” Karen (New Farm)

To claim your free term of classes, enrol in one class package, and email [email protected] with the second class you would like to enrol in (must be in the same term). Or if you would like to gift it to a friend, email with the friend's name, email address, Child's Name and Child's Age, and the class level they would like to book. They will receive notification from Miss Lou when they are enrolled. Offer valid until April 30th, 2020